Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Feet

I think this cake looks much worse from this angle.  It really wasn't lopsided or out-of-square, but it certainly looks very "wrecky" here.  (Thank goodness I am not a professional who turned out a cake like this one.)  This was for a baby shower at work.  The bottom layer was half-white and half-chocolate and the top layer was yellow.  Both layers were torted and filled with a chocolate fudge filling. The frosting was a chocolate butter cream and the baby feet were made of white fondant.  Due to a time crunch, the fondant was sprayed with a food-safe dye to get the proper color.  The lettering and edging were "frosting in a can", not my first choice - ever - but again, due to a time crunch I worked with what I could get.  The cake tasted much better than it looked.

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