Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oklahoma's Waiting Child Heart Gallery


In the past month or so, four kiddos on my caseload have been adopted.  That makes me smile.  Two of them were featured on Oklahoma's Waiting Child Heart Gallery, a photo gallery of children available for adoption through the Department of Human Services.  That's where their new "forever family" found them.

The gallery is just a small sampling of the children in the permanent custody of DHS waiting for someone to give them the opportunity to be a part of their family. 

These kids didn't do anything wrong.  They don't have a lot of high expectations or a sense of entitlement about the families they are seeking.  They only want to feel safe and loved.  If you have a minute, check out the gallery or tell your friends about it. 

A hundred years from now 
No one will remember
How much money I had in the bank
What kind of car I drove
Or what kind of job I had.
But I will be remembered
As someone special
Because I made a difference
In the life of a child.

~ Author Unknown


Princesa said...

I'll take them all. :) What darling kids. We hope to be able to adopt siblings one day. You do a great service in your work. Thank you.

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Thank you so much. We have some wonderful kids available, if only we could just find the right families. There's an adoption party next weekend for potential families to meet some of our kids. I have two more girls going, so I am hopeful. I have four more adoptions in the works, too! :D

Natasha Green ★ said...

This is so sad, every child should be entitled to a warm loving family. I have grown up around adopted children, my aunty adopts every 2-3 years even though she has 2 of her own children. Everyone in our community respects her for it. She always wishes she could take them all. If only there were more people with big hearts like her.
I like your blog I am now following back. Looking forward to your posts, Natasha from http://www.theramblesandshamblesblog.blogspot.com/

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Thanks, Natasha. You are so right about the need for more people who can open their lives and their hearts for these kids.

I appreciate the follow. I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you enjoy mine. :)