Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Country? What the Heck?

Okay, someone sent me a message yesterday and said they lived in "Snow Country", too.  Not that you can tell it from these photos, but I actually live in Green Country!  (It's true.  That is the official name for the section of Oklahoma where I live.  In case you are wondering, it is the northeast quadrant of the state.)

 We had a record 15" of snow on Tuesday, 02-01-11, followed by 6" of snow on 02-04-11.  We are supposed to get flurries tonight (Sunday, 02-06-11),  and another 6-12" this coming Tuesday, 02-08-11.  

Can someone please make it stop?!? 

This is the backdoor from my bedroom.  There is about a foot of snow covering the step.  Note the snow above the door handle and the deadbolt.  This is unreal!


This is the view just off my back porch off the bedroom.   That's about 3 1/2' of snow.  It's also very weird how the snow stopped in a perfectly straight edge. 

This is my neighbor's kitchen window.  That's about 4 1/2' of snow.

Thursday my husband convinced me to take a ride in the pickup with him.  That's 3 1/2' of snow on the right side of the road.  I thought we were only going in the neighborhood.  We had no phones, no IDs, no cash, etc.  It's a good thing we made it home in one piece!  It took us approximately half an hour to make a four-mile loop south of our house.  The roads were not in good shape.  Fortunately, my husband is an excellent driver, because the other people out driving were not.  I was gripping the armrest the whole way!

 Notice that my husband shoveled snow behind the pickup so he could get out, but did not shovel behind my car.  That's okay.  I wasn't taking that baby anywhere, anyway. Besides, he shoveled a path for the dogs in the back yard and another to the mailbox (not that we got any mail for 5 days).

This is the back yard.  That's about 5' deep.  Good thing I put that outdoor faucet cover on Monday night.

 Leiua loved the snow in small doses.  Tillie, on the other hand, didn't want any part of it.  (She's standing by the back door to the kitchen.)  Unfortunately, she got stranded in the snow three separate times and had to be rescued each time.  I don't blame her for not wanting to get back out in it.  

Leiua liked digging in the snow.  She found a bone, so at least it was productive.  (Plus, she looked so cute with snow on her muzzle.)

Thank goodness for young entrepreneurs!  Just as I was getting ready to head out and shovel that snow behind my car, these young businessmen offered to do the job for me in exchange for a nominal fee.  They did such a good job, I gave each of them a bonus.  I was thrilled that I didn't have to shovel the snow, although my husband thought I needed the exercise.  (I thought he was crazy to think I would do it myself.)

I missed four days of work last week.  I am grateful that the offices were closed most days and that I did not have to take leave for three of those days.  I am thankful that I have plenty of leave built up to cover the fourth day.  I am happy that the court moved their dockets to accommodate the snow days, even though that will jam up the dockets down the line.  I am grateful for a loving husband, as well as family and neighbors who checked on us regularly.  Even though the family was too far away to help, it was nice to hear from them.  I also thank the Lord that we didn't lose electricity or water.  We have a wood-burning stove insert in our fireplace, but we couldn't use it because our wood, although covered with a tarp, was inaccessible, as it was completely covered in snow.  
Now, I think I'll contact my travel agent.  I need some sun and some sand!!

(NOTE:  Late Tuesday/early Wednesday we got our third round of snow.  Another 6-8" dumped right on top of all the other.  Several snowfall records have been set with this storm system.)


Linda said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow! We have had a lot of snow in New Mexico, but nothing like this.

I have just signed up to follow your blog, and I look forward to trying some of your delicious recipes!

Shelley Parker Chandler said...

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and following me. I took a look at yours and am following it, too. I am following you on Facebook, too. I was wondering if having a FB page, as well as the blog, is a lot of trouble or if it's more or less a duplicate of the blog? I don't have one, just a link from my FB page to my blog. Maybe I should get a FB page just for my blog? :)

I am so over this snow! I wish it would magically melt away overnight, but I know that won't happen. (sigh)