Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going Bananas

I had been wanting to make some banana cupcakes for some time.  I bought bananas, let them ripen, and then lost the urge to make anything.  I went through this cycle a couple of times, so the last time I bought bananas, I also bought the other things I knew I would need to create a recipe, banana baby food, yogurt, etc. 

I toyed around with different banana cupcake ideas.  I considered banana-apricot, banana nut, banana-caramel, etc.  I finally decided on Bananas Foster, which is basically caramelized banana, but with a few other subtle flavors.  True Bananas Foster has rum flavoring, but I left this out.  I might use a little extract next time, but I didn't want to use it this time.

The cupcakes were topped with a buttercream-based frosting, which had been blended with butterscotch and caramel.  Turbinado sugar (raw sugar) and caramel dessert topping were drizzled over the icing.

The taste of the cupcake was similar to banana bread, but was not as heavy or dense as most banana bread recipes.  The crumb was soft and light.  The frosting was very sticky, but had the complexities of the different flavors.  The turbinado sugar provided a nice textural contrast to the icing.

I will definitely make these again, probably with a couple of slight variations.  I should do it soon, too, as I have tons of leftover frosting!


KHazelrigg said...


Stillapill said...

Turbinado sugar is made from sugar cane extract. It's produced by crushing fresh sugar cane and evaporating the juice, then crystallizing it. The crystals are spun in a centrifuge to remove excess moisture and molasses. This gives the sugar the look of large, light brown crystals. Sugar is the Raw is a form of turbinado sugar (but I didn't use that brand).

Valerie said...

Oh wow, that looks amazing!!! I wish I had one here for breakfast. :)


Stillapill said...

Thanks, Valerie! :)

Anonymous said...

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