Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for the birthday of a little boy on my caseload.  He was in the hospital, so I took one to him and shared the rest with my co-workers.  The cupcakes were moist and had a very creamy vanilla flavor, with just a slight hint of bubblegum.  The frosting was basic decorator's frosting tinted with Wilton gel food coloring.  The glitter sprinkles are from Wilton, as well.  They are the size and shape of jimmies, but are really small sugar bars.


babyhippoface said...

So, can we throw out suggestions and challenges to make this more interactive?! You know, stuff like, "CHALLENGE: Make a three-layer cake decorated like a jungle gym, and it must include one package of Shawnee Mills strawberry muffin mix, a habanero pepper, Pop Rocks, and red-hot marshmallow squirters". I think it's a great idea!!

Stillapill said...

Well, that would certainly liven things up a bit. I think that would idea has merit, but it would have to have certain limitations. I'm pretty sure that some of the things you guys could come up with would be strange enough that it would be a hard sell to get anyone besides family to try them. So, there would have to be no more than a theme and three items to include and it would have to be something to bring to family gatherings. (And I have never heard of red-hot marshmallow squirters!) :)