Thursday, April 16, 2015


This time of year depresses me.  Between taxes and the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing, I have to force myself to get motivated sometimes. 

Today, I treated myself to dinner at I-Hop because I was procrastinating and dreading the tax deadline.  (I also had a Groupon coupon, which didn't hurt.)  I had not done any tax preparation other than gather up the W-2s and assorted documents - a grand total of four pieces of paper.  Itemized deductions are but a distant memory.  Sigh...

I was feeling somewhat melancholy.  When I opened the silverware packet, I discovered this small note wrapped tightly around the knife.  

What a good reminder that this time of year isn't all that bad.  I did smile - and I kept on smiling, even through the filing of the taxes. 

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