Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Okay, if you have never seen real horseradish root, let's just say it's rather... ummm...phallic... and this is one of the "nicer" specimens.  Some of them are downright nasty-looking.  
Anyway...  My husband asked me to buy some horseradish root to make some real, homemade horseradish sauce.  Unfortunately, the first recipe he picked out was not meant to be made with raw horseradish, but with a prepared sauce.  Once I told him that, he picked out a second recipe.  This one was little more than pureed horseradish root with a touch of salt, sugar, and vinegar.  It was not spreadable by any means, and was fairly disgusting.  The horseradish smell was overpowering!  My eyes watered and my nose ran if I stood too close to the food processor!

Since that recipe obviously wasn't what my husband wanted either, we found another recipe.  This one added a cup of heavy cream, more vinegar, half of a pureed turnip, and assorted spices. 

The sauce was creamier, but the turnip and cream cut down the sharp, hot taste of the horseradish and made it too mild.  He likes it HOT!  I added more pureed horseradish to the mix, but he said it still was not hot enough and refused to eat it. {{sigh}}

I wasn't going to let it go to waste, as I had invested a minimum of two hours on this project, when I had been looking forward to a relaxing evening.  I ladled the sauce into recycled jars and labeled them.  (Okay, not beautiful labels, but maybe when I actually hook up and figure out my Cricut Expression, I can do better.)

I cleaned up the approximately 647 kitchen utensils and counters that had been used (or splattered on) in the preparation of the now unwanted horseradish sauce.  Finally, I posted a note on Facebook offering the horseradish sauce to friends.  Thankfully, three of my friends were brave and adventurous souls who took me up on the offer of free "horsey" sauce.  I am happy to announce that all three have gotten back to me and said they really liked it.  One even said, "That homemade horseradish was so good that my mom and I have been eating it with spoons!!!!" (emphasis hers - Thanks, Lisa!)   

So at this point, three out of three guinea pigs prefer my homemade horseradish sauce over no horseradish sauce at all! 


Stillapill said...

I will tell you that no matter what the infomercial proclaims, the Magic Bullet cannot handle pureeing or even grating horseradish root! I had to drag out the Hamilton Beach food processor and then the Cuisinart hand mixer (one of my favorite kitchen tools ever!).

sarah said...

from someone who can't cook...I think you're amazing.

Stillapill said...

Thank you! That is very sweet. :)