Friday, February 5, 2010

Brownies and Pixies


Last week I wanted to bake something but didn't have much time, due to so many long hours at work.  The kiddos on my caseload (or "pixies" in this case) were pretty demanding last week and the weather wasn't cooperating very well, either.  I rummaged around the kitchen and pulled out the only box of brownie mix I had - a box of Betty Crocker Deluxe Brownie Mix with Hershey's Chocolate and Walnuts.  I decided to whip up a batch and put them in a 9" x 13" pan, so that they would be the thin chewy type, like those in the photograph. I'm not a big fan of cake-type brownies.  (That's a stock photo above and it shows brownies with pecans, not walnuts, but I could only stand to look at so many photos of brownies without developing a craving for another batch!  I failed to take any photographs of the brownies I baked.) 

At any rate, the box mix yielded 20 brownies.  I didn't put frosting on them, because I am a brownie purist.  I think frosting detracts from the fudgey goodness.  The most I ever add to my brownies is a dusting of powdered sugar, but these brownies were naked - no frosting; no powdered sugar; just chocolate and walnut in a delicious marriage of flavor.

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