Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pie are Round?

In Math class we learned that "Pi are square".  In Home Economics, we learned that "Pie are round".  In this case, "Pie are rectangular".  Most people that saw this pie thought it was a cobbler based upon shape alone.  They didn't seem to like pie in a non-traditional shape, although the taste was the same.  Odd...

I got this pie pan from  I like that it has diagonal wedge guides in the bottom of the pan, but I think they are set too far apart.  It is set to cut 6 large slices of pie.  I would probably cut this into 8 slices.  I also like the fact that because of the unique pan design, you only have one side of exposed filling at any one time.  However, if you normally use a pie gate, it won't work with this pan.

This is an apricot pie with a sugar-laden lattice crust.  It was yummy!

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